I believe that…

Many people have a huge unexploited potential, which they feel deep within but never live out, even though they know, what they have to do in order to achieve that which they dream of.
So why don’t they?

Today I have my business because I believe, that we all deserve the best and I wish to help people finding their way to that inner source and help them find the power to go for their ultimate dreams. When body, mind and spirit are connected as a whole, there are no limitations as to, what we might achieve – anything is possible.

I get frustrated as I time and again hear people tell about all they want, but cannot achieve for various reasons like money, time, relationships, children or just because they don’t deserve it… I have heard many blame the system or others for not getting the education or job of their dreams. I hear sentences like: “I can do it at least as well as her” and as I ask why she isn’t doing it, the answer is: “I haven’t had the opportunity or you can see why, with my life it just isn’t possible, just look at how busy I am”. It is always someone else’s fault and it is oh so sad for me…

I wish to help people getting their faith back, the faith that they can achieve anything they dream of. The consciousness about having what it takes and that they deserve the very best in life, but that they need to take responsibility for their lifes, get in the drivers seat and go a 100% after their dreams. I want to wake up their inner “warrior” and help them access their ultimate power. The power that gives the feeling that anything is possible – I can, I will and I am doing it noooooow… People in the future take responsibility for their own lifes, listen to their bodies, follow their hearts and see opportunities.

My own story 

I have been self-employed since 1994 when I started with an alternative clinic (massage and acupuncture). Besides that I taught as the chief instructor in the local Tai Chi club FOR FREE. My work at the clinic was for these of the money, while teaching at the club was because I burned for it. It went on for about 7 years and through those 7 years the teaching took over more and more as I by then had become an sought for instructor around Europe.

To my innermost I had no doubt about what I wanted to work with the most, if I could choose. And I had the power to do it, but didn’t, because what if it didn’t work out, what if I failed, what would people think, also it was probably economically irresponsible – I did have a good clinic…

It was obvious that I didn’t follow my heart, my innermost desire – But chose the safe path, the path of reason. I felt bad – It gave me a feeling of only living a half life, wasting my life, my abilities and my fantastic potential – I felt that I had so much more and when I was teaching, I was acing it, there was nothing better…

My loved ones could definitely feel that I wasn’t happy, that there was something weighing me down. That I was doing the things I should, but that my heart was in another place…

The hardest part was handling the feeling of having so much more to offer. The feeling of living the life others expected me to, not the life I wanted… It was draining me of energy and I felt sad and heavy.

Of course I lacked the knowledge of running such and enterprise and since I knew of no one who had done it, I kind of had to invent the way – By now I had some experience in teaching, more than most, so it was just about jumping into it… Deep inside I knew what to do, but I was a slave of safety and security – what if?

This is why I do it…

I do so because I believe that we all deserve the best.
The way I will do this, is by training people in listening to their body and follow their heart.

I do so because I believe, that the body tells us, what’s good or bad for us.
The way I will do this, is by helping people to find confidence in their heart (gut feeling).

I do so because I believe, that many know what they re supposed to do, but lack the strength to do so.
The way I will do this, is by helping people discover their ultimate power, where they will find the strength.

I do so because I believe, that many have given in and accepts less than they deserve.
The way I will do this, is by re-finding faith in themselves and their value.

I do so because I believe, that we all have that ultimate power within and that we consciously can train it to make anything possible.
The way I will do this, is by offering teachings that focus on the whole – body, mind and spirit.

I want to make a difference

I would like to help people to use their full potential. I am convinced, that a lot of people are waling around with an inner feeling of having much more to give and that they dream of a more bountyful life. Many of them actually knows what to do, but doesn’t and might not understand why they aren’t doing what they know they need to do in order to get what they want. Several have reached the conclusion, that they can’t change anything anyway, so it all doesn’t matter and they accept mediocrity.

I want to help people with finding their inner “warrior”. That inner power that gives access to unlimited power in order to achieve anything they dream of. When body, mind and spirit is in balance and acts as a whole and we are present right now, there are no limits as to what we might accomplish.

Anyone can have the life they dream of, but it demands that we take responsibility for our lives, finds help where necessary, makes sure to train our body and mind purposefully in relation to where we wish to go. When people are in balance, live the life they dream of and use their full potential, it will affect the world and make it an even better place to live.