Conquer Your Fear Without Quitting

A lot of people feel caught and held in various roles and patterns of conduct. Some have made a “pleaser” og themselves and others a rebel. Some are addicted to acknowledgement and others hate to show vulnerability.

Common in all is, that they have arrived from one bad experience, in which we are still stuck unconsciously. An experience, that has been allowed to take control of our destiny and is keeping us from living free and be who we really are.

Time has come to LET GO.

I love books that inspire me to be a better version of myself – and that’s exactly what Torben’s book LET GO did. The concepts are profound, but easy to implement and put in practice into my life. I’m so glad that I invested the time, energy, and space into this book. It’s helped me to develop and grow in ways that I didn’t even know were possible.” ~ Sara Christensen, San Diego – Kickass Masterminds CEO

LET GO is a personal story about the triple European Champion & Tai Chi Master Torben Rif’ unending hunt for medals, titles and recognition. About being afraid to be himself and a constant fear of loosing face. About the meeting with a man who saw right through him …

For the first time he invites you to join him on his own intense journey of change that taught him to let go of his past in order to live free in the future. A journey, that he has later dedicated himself to guide others through.

Let Go: Conquer Your Fear Without Quitting ★★★★★ from Rasmus Bagger on October 24, 2018

Let Go – Your past is NOT your future, unless you keep (re)living it in your head!!!

Let Go is an awesome book – simple, easy and fast to read – in fact it’s a must read. If you want to leave old fear, old stories, old bad habbits and mental garbage behind AND in the process help your inner warrior to find peace and balance – YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK!
I have had the pleasure to work with Torben Rif and I promise you, after reading his book you will wanna work with him too – whether it be in coaching 1-2-1, his kick-ass seminars or other possible opportunities!! So LET GO and enjoy your new life and journey guided by Toben Rif.

“I have read a lot of self-improvement books over the years and have always found good tips and exercises in those. Torbens book “Let Go” differs by starting with the first half of the book being about his own personal journey to letting go. The journey moved me to tears along the way. The story was so vivid that I literally took the journey WITH him. The second half of the book are the exercises to letting go. Maybe because the beginning struck me so deep, it felt more important and easier to go ahead with my own personal journey.”

If you should trust advice from others start with the one who has actually tried it them self and managed to come through with success. Torben Rif did it! In this book he describes both his challenges and gives us the tools, so we can let go our self’s. I did it, and still follow his advice – now just with smaller issues because I let go of my baggage. I give this book my warmest recommendations.

If you want to leave all your limiting beliefs and mental baggage behind, you should read this book.
In his book Torben gives you a simple framework that lets you move on, and live a life free of constraints.

Highly recommended…

Torben is the real deal and this book rocks. I had the pleasure of meeting him in person and then reading this fantastic book. His story and the lessons that come from it are so applicable to what so many of us are going through as we work through fears and hesitation and doubt. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who needs a loving kick in the butt to finally get about moving beyond fear and living their best life.

WOW! I just finished reading this book and it left me both inspired and with hands-on-knowledge as to what to do when it comes to living life to the fullest and learning how to let go of old habits/thoughts no longer serving me. Torben has a great humorous, honest and sincere way of communicating and this book is an abolsolute must read if you are into personal development, leadership and mentaltraining.

“THANK YOU, Torben I have both laughed and cried – thank you for sharing. It is a gift!”